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Camp Gladiator is Expanding Its Fitness Platform for Trainers

Camp Gladiator is Expanding Its Fitness Platform for Trainers

Today, Camp Gladiator (CG), a national fitness and nutrition platform for Certified Trainers and Nutrition Coaches, announced a significant expansion. CG currently provides the most comprehensive support for Trainers and Coaches to operate under an award-winning brand with access to marketing and operations teams to launch and grow their businesses. And in February, Camp Gladiator is transforming the platform to give Trainers more options to expand their fitness business. With the new platform, Trainers can add CG Strength Training and choose to deliver the program in small groups or through one-on-one sessions with prices, locations, and equipment determined by each CG Trainer.”Expanding our platform means that our Trainers can expand their business like never before,” Ally Davidson, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, shared. “In 2023, Trainers can choose to offer our signature Camp workouts, CG Nutrition Coaching, and CG Strength Training. Our goal is to create flexibility for locations, equipment, and pricing based on Trainers’ passions and expertise. This platform expansion will allow us to continue being the number one choice for Trainers to create their own schedule and use their expertise to make an income doing what they love.”“If you want a new career in fitness that enables you to build a six-figure income, you choose Camp Gladiator,” Mason Murphy, Region President, said. “Our Trainers are given the resources to make building their business as simple as it can be, and this platform expansion is just one example. Soon, Trainers will be able to provide yoga, running, and youth programs.” CG Strength Training will include:

customized strength training for all fitness levels, from beginners to bodybuilders in-person training offered one-on-one or in small groups of 10 people or less personalized attention to proper form, tracking progress and setting goals

To learn more about partnering with CG as a Certified Personal Trainer, visit Camp Gladiator’s Become A Trainer page to schedule a 15-minute introduction call. About Camp Gladiator: Camp Gladiator (CG) is a fitness and nutrition platform on a mission to positively impact lives through full body workouts and customized nutrition coaching. By connecting individuals to their own Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, Members experience one-on-one communication to stay motivated and accountable to achieve their goals. Camp Gladiator is the number one fitness and nutrition platform for Trainers and Coaches to build their businesses within CG’s well-known brand with access to marketing and operations support. For more information on Camp Gladiator, please visit Howard SchafferChief Marketing OfficerCamp Gladiator [email protected] Source: Camp Gladiator

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