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Journaling, such an embarrassing word isn’t it? Most assume that journaling is only for women, not something men do. But, I’m here to stand against that thought and tell you exactly why everyone should be journaling. Whether it’s taking a moment to relieve your stress on paper or a creative book full of ideas for future inspirations - journaling is a sure way to empty your over-capacitated mind and get your thoughts down where you won’t lose them.

Today, I am standing my ground and claiming that men do keep journals. Perhaps it’s the idea that journaling is private and doesn’t need to be shared with everyone, and that’s why most assume that men don’t do it. Or, it could be the fact that some men call their journaling skills “record keeping”. In all actuality, it doesn’t matter what form it is done in, journaling can be associated as keeping a record of your thoughts, goals, experiences or feelings.

For me, the best part about journaling is being able to write out how I felt that day, what progress I have made and what setbacks occurred. Most things tend to be about the progress I am making towards my goals in life. I tend to focus on the idea of journaling as more of a success tool than an idea of reflection. No matter what the case though, keeping a journal is much more than just writing about life, it’s the pathway to your mind and where you are going.

For those of you who prefer to keep your journaling skills on the down-low, there is now software you can get for your computer that will interface with your other applications. Not only can you write down your thoughts, goals and experiences, you can also add pictures, audio and video. Yes, it may sound more like a blog or scrapbooking service, but for some people, this idea of ‘journaling’ is perfect.

The idea of using software may not be as convenient, but it does have it benefits. When it comes to journaling software, most offer various templates to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re tracking goals or keeping your reflections, the choice of layout helps make the journaling process flow easier. But that’s not all; journaling software also gives you the ability to search back through your records by keywords. This can be handy to back track on previous meetings in a business journal. With that in mind, journaling software also gives you the option of separating your work and home journals through different taps. Who would have ever thought that journaling could have so many features?

Journaling your ideas, thoughts, experiences and goals are sure ways to relieve stress and discover where it is you want to go in life. Whether you decide to take on new found journaling software or stick with a time-tested book, journaling will definitely have it benefits. Journaling gives you the opportunity to clear your head and gain focus on what’s important. To me, journaling means success - so why not grab a book and try it for yourself, man or woman, I know you won’t regret it!