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Hybrid Razor Announces the Launch of the MOW Razor the Next Generation Razor on Kickstarter

Hybrid Razor Announces the Launch of the MOW Razor the Next Generation Razor on Kickstarter

The independent razor manufacturer Hybrid Razor has created the MOW Razor, a state-of-the-art patented shaving technology that combines the close shave of a traditional blade or cartridge razor with the time-saving ease of an electric shaver. To inaugurate the product, an online Kickstarter campaign is set to launch on Oct. 3, 2022.  Anyone torn between electric shaver vs. razor benefits can now enjoy the best of both. An invention that has been in development since 2012, the MOW razor was originally designed by Tsafrir Ben-Ari. Tsafrir focused on prioritizing both the speed and effectiveness of his razor design to simplify and shorten the average man’s daily shaving ritual. MOW doesn’t require any gels, creams, or oils to do its job. The integration of a roller blade paired with fine electric clippers yields a close, smooth shave while dramatically cutting down on time spent in the bathroom.    Tsafrir comments, “I designed the MOW razor because I always wanted a quicker and cleaner shaving routine. The MOW razor represents years of invention and ingenuity, wrapped up in a convenient little package.”  The MOW’s flawless razor heads are easily replaceable, and its USB-C rechargeability re-powers the razor’s motor with a phone charger — making it among the most portable, on-the-go shaving products on the market.  The Kickstarter electric razor funding is the last step in bringing the MOW to market. The team states, “We have diligently tested the product in all its different iterations and have committed to this final form which we are fully confident will be appreciated by those who back the project.”  Delivering the best razor on the market, Tsafrir himself puts forth a bold challenge: “Try it, and you’ll discover a simpler — and better — way to shave.” To learn more about MOW, view the razor in action or visit the MOW razor website. The Kickstarter for Hybrid Razor’s MOW razor goes live on Oct. 3, 2022. Hybrid Razor is offering multiple participation tiers. The first 100 backers to pledge $30 or more will receive the MOW base razor plus a trimmer head attachment. After the Early Bird opportunity, backers who pledge $35 will receive the MOW base razor. Backers who pledge $50 or more will receive the MOW base razor plus trimmer head attachment, and backers who pledge $60 will receive two MOW razor base sets. The estimated delivery time is January 2023 for all Early Bird backers and March 2023 for all subsequent backers.     


Source: Hybrid Razor, LLC

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