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Rock Island Records Releases Billy Craig Song Tears for Ukraine

Rock Island Records Releases Billy Craig Song Tears for Ukraine

Last week, music artist Billy Craig received a call from his close friend, Eric Rhoads, CEO of RadioInk. Eric said he couldn’t stop thinking about the people of Ukraine and he had a title for a song “Tears For Ukraine.”  Billy contacted his partner, Matt Jacobs, at Rock Island Records, and asked him to start writing lyrics. Matt got to work, meanwhile, Eric emailed over more lyrics. Billy brought them together and added a few things making it a powerful set of lyrics.  “I knew I had to do it when I finished the words. We’re in this world together,” said Billy. He called up music producer Kevin Williams and told him about the idea.  Kevin cleared a few days from his insanely busy schedule at the Sound Shop Studio in Macomb, MI, and brought in the band ELSIE BINX. They worked around the clock to put this epic performance together.  “The band has put some amazing energy and work into this project. Darin Curtis (drums), Jonny Neville (guitar), Phil Steur (bass) laid down a solid foundation. With the addition of keyboards from Jen Read and a stellar vocal performance from Erin Accomando, they have made the recording magic,” said Billy Craig. It’s that classic Billy Craig sound but a higher level of energy musically. Billy, the band, and this producer have created something special.  In regards to the song Tears For Ukraine, what’s the motivation? In the words of the lyricist. “To bring the world together to express the helpless feelings we have over the Ukraine situation. I felt we needed an anthem, which is why this song is so powerful.” - Eric Rhoads  “We see the extreme pain of the Ukranians’ lives being totally uprooted yet also see the absolute resolve in the people of Ukraine fighting for their freedom. ‘Tears for Ukraine’ expresses both our immense sadness in their suffering yet our unyielding hope in their ability to prevail.” - Matt Jacobs Tears for Ukraine’ Song Uniting the World - WBAP An Anthem For Ukraine - Radio Ink KHTS is uniting with radio stations across the country by featuring the new tribute song, “Tears for Ukraine.”  A Call to Radio for Help in the Ukraine Situation - Radio Television Business Report The radio industry is promoting this anthem for Ukraine - A Journal of Musical Things Tears for Ukraine  LYRICS Top-Rated Charities For Ukraine Rock Island Records [email protected] [email protected] Source: Rock Island Records

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