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Derm Dude Announces First Nascar Sponsorship

Derm Dude Announces First Nascar Sponsorship

Derm Dude™, a disruptive men’s grooming brand specializing in power performance tattoo and beard products, is proud to be sponsoring NASCAR race-winning driver Spencer Boyd and the No. 12 Chevrolet Silverado for the 2022 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.  Derm Dude will be prominently featured at 10+ NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races across the country this year, kicking off on February 18 at the legendary Daytona International Speedway, followed by action-packed races in Austin, Charlotte, Indianapolis and more.  “Keeping it real and being authentic to my team, my fans and myself is everything to me. And that’s why Derm Dude is such a perfect partner,” says NASCAR driver Spencer Boyd. “I use Derm Dude products every day, and the quality and passion they pour into each bottle is the same passion and commitment to excellence I bring to every race.” Derm Dude, “Hit the jackpot teaming up with NASCAR driver Spencer Boyd,” according to Derm Dude ‘Chief Dude Officer’ Drew Plotkin. “Everything about Spencer and the NASCAR Truck Series speaks to the heart and soul of the Derm Dude brand. We’re not your typical corporate sponsors from Wall Street. The streets where we feel most at home are Route 66, The Badlands and Pacific Coast Highway. Initially, we developed Derm Dude to make our own tattoos look newer and brighter and our beards fuller and softer. Now, Derm Dude has over 30 products and counting, including our scented line of 3-in-1 Power Wash, all-natural bar soaps, hair care and just about every part of the ‘Dude Body’ imaginable.”  Boyd, who won the Talladega Superspeedway race in 2019, will commemorate his win by getting a NASCAR win sticker tattoo later this year. Derm Dude will be along for the ride, documenting his story and experience getting his first tattoo and using Derm Dude Tattoo products for his tattoo aftercare. Plotkin added, “Spencer works harder than any other driver out there, and that’s why he’s the perfect partner for our brand, because our products do the same.” About Derm Dude™ Derm Dude™ is a disruptor sending shockwaves through the men’s grooming industry. Already a rising cult brand among serious tattoo collectors and hard-core beard enthusiasts, Derm Dude uses natural and power-packed performance ingredients that deliver the results ‘real dudes’ want and deserve for their hard-earned money. For more information visit  Source: Derm Dude

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