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Agadir MEN Announces 3 Unique Additions to Their High Performance Men s Collection

Agadir MEN Announces 3 Unique Additions to Their High Performance Men s Collection

In their quest to offer a complete head-to-toe grooming experience for men, Agadir MEN is adding exceptional grooming gear to their product lineup. The Hair & Body Sport Wash has active recharge elements and the added benefits of organic enzymes. Shower with a high-performance, work hard, play hard formula. Unique organic enzymes neutralize body odor, reenergizes, and stimulates skin hydration. Agadir MEN washes away dirt and perspiration, giving hair and the body a clean and cool experience. The invisible shave gel is a triple purpose shave gel specially formulated with the highest quality performance ingredients. It is a transparent gel with a luxuriously smooth texture that effortlessly glides razors over skin for precision lineups. It contains oud oil for a light and smoky aromatic moisturizing fragrance. Finally, it has witch hazel to heal and protect. Invisible shave gel delivers an incredible shaving experience.  The Charcoal Detoxifying Bar Soap is formulated to give men’s skin a head to toe clean. It’s gentle enough to use on the face and body but strong enough to absorb oils, toxins, and odors. As such, the soap’s many benefits with natural activated bamboo charcoal and premium oils should come as no surprise. It is detoxifying and cleanses the deepest pores of your skin, and is super hydrating. The bar is 100% vegan with our masculine signature Oud Wood Oil aroma. Check out the full line of essential men’s supplies at For more information, contact [email protected] Source: Agadir Int

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