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Veteran Wins MEANest BEARD Worldwide Competition With Incredible Beard Inspiring Story

Veteran Wins MEANest BEARD Worldwide Competition With Incredible Beard Inspiring Story

Thanks to the inspiring story behind his beard, Veteran Kevin Boling from Moses Lake, Washington, USA, has won the “2020 MEANEST BEARD WORLDWIDE CHAMPION” title. Hosted by the American beard care brand MEAN BEARD, the annual “MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest” draws in contestants from all around the globe vying for the respected title and trophy. “It’s not only the beard, it’s the attitude,” said Joe Loving, Managing Partner and judge on the MEAN BEARD panel. “We choose the winner based not only on the composition of the beard but also the man behind the beard and what his beard represents.” From fishing and exploring to helping his daughter and son-in-law with their new house, Boling is a caring man of many interests. In 2015, he began growing his beard in honor of a childhood friend who died of cancer.  “When I started growing my beard, I was smoking and living an unhealthy lifestyle,” said Boling. “My daughter came to me and told me that my beard was getting yellow. I knew it was the nicotine stains. I had tried several times in my life to quit. Her telling me was the ticket.”   Boling’s MEAN BEARD motto is, “It’s never too late to change your life for the better.” He’s passionate about pursuing his dreams and living life to the fullest. With the desire to see his grandchildren grow up, Boling was highly determined to pursue a healthier way of life. Through eating right and exercising daily, he even returned his blood pressure and cholesterol to healthy levels. “I feel like I got yet another second chance to live my life,” Boling said. “My beard is a representation of my life. There’s even a little bit of yellow. Some have encouraged me to cut it off, but I see it as a reminder of overcoming the struggle and turning into a healthier, happier me.” This is the seventh year in a row for the “MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest.” A panel of five judges oversees the competition, determining the top 12 contestants. Then, they narrow the finalists to the top three and select a winner. For information about “The MEANest BEARD Worldwide Contest,” or for beard care tips and more, visit or follow @mean_beard on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  About MEAN BEARD We develop and manufacture our exceptional beard care product line, including the World’s MEANest beard oil, beard combs, and one-of-a-kind beard enhancer MEAN WHIP. Our beard products are specially formulated with the richest natural carrier oils and finest ingredients to help men grow a glorious, healthy, full MEAN BEARD. From endless beard oil benefits to exceptional results, MEAN BEARD products truly have it all.  As a proud beard company, all our products are made in Ohio, USA, for the MEANest Beardsmen. Since 2014, we have grown a worldwide community of MEAN Beardsmen and the people who love them. Our network is about inspiring greatness, making a difference, promoting beard care and showcasing the men behind the beards. Contact: Jason Dutt, Co-Owner, MEAN BEARD Co. LTD [email protected] (330) 338-4664 Source: MEAN BEARD Co., LTD

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