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7k Metals Provides a Precious Metals Reseller Platform Stack Sell

7k Metals Provides a Precious Metals Reseller Platform Stack Sell

7k Metals “Stack & Sell” is an online tool that permits purchasers of its exclusive collectible coins an efficient digital sales platform on which to resell coins from their collections.  For more than five years, 7k Metals has provided an easy, no-gimmick approach to purchasing precious metals, including rare, unique, and exclusive modern collectible coins. It also provides an education in numismatics. And it has other membership benefits, such as savings on travel and health insurance. Members can buy bullion at member-direct pricing as well as low-mintage collectibles. And now, 7k Metals also provides an efficient resellers platform. Evidence of the benefits of Stack & Sell was recently experienced by 7k Metals member Brenda Sutliff, who began collecting 7k Metals coins as a hobby. However, she discovered that collectible coins can have a kind of stored value. So, what began as a hobby turned into a goal to create a legacy for her family. Depending on market fluctuations and as need dictates, 7k Metals collectible coins can be resold on Stack & Sell. It’s a little like carrying water in the desert: it’s there if you need it or it’s still there if you don’t. Sutliff had been introduced to 7k Metals in 2018 by her friend Bonnie Longie. At the time, Sutliff didn’t realize that 7k Metals would prove to be not only a great hobby, but a valuable asset to confront what was coming. What was coming for Sutliff was doctors discovering a mass on her kidney.  In addition to her kidney challenge, Sutliff was between houses when she was diagnosed with COVID-19, and it hit her hard. “I lost 20 pounds, and I wound up at the hospital. I could barely walk. I had no idea how I was going to make ends meet. I had some savings, but it was going fast as I looked for someplace to live. That’s when I first really thought of the coins I’d been collecting with 7k Metals as an asset. Something I could turn into cash — and quickly.” Through her 7k Metals online platform, Sutliff began to liquidate some of her graded collectibles with the recently released Stack & Sell. That permitted Sutliff to stay in a motel for six weeks while she continued the frustrating business of looking for a home — and it gave her time to recover sufficiently from COVID-19 to be strong enough for surgery (if that is the outcome the doctors determine to be her next challenge). Sutliff remembers her trials over the past year as a revelation of the value of Stack & Sell. “Whatever comes, the time I’ve banked with 7k Metals and the Stack & Sell tool is stored value that has provided me a sense of vision and independence.” For more information, contact: Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D.Advent [email protected](214) 497-0084 Source: 7k Metals

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