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Shots Box Presents The Best New Whiskey Brands Watch

Shots Box Presents The Best New Whiskey Brands Watch

Shots Box, a bi-monthly subscription of shot-sized whiskey, has analyzed an array of whiskey flavors from not just the United States but around the world as well. The extent of the company’s knowledge is truly unmatched, which is why the team behind the rising company has decided to release a new list of whiskeys to keep track of in 2021. New brand names on this list include Full Curl, Tennessee Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey, and Wildrye 5 Drops Bourbon. These whiskeys each have distinct tastes and have been carefully crafted to deliver unique flavors. Full Curl Whiskey is matured in charred oak barrels for two years before bottling. This bourbon whiskey is environmentally conscious, with the brand making 20% donations to conservations that work with and protect wild sheep for every individual bottle that is sold. The Rocky Mountains-inspired brand also partnered with Wild Sheep Foundation to help restore and conserve mountains where wild sheep roam.  “Full Curl Whiskey has made their intentions clear both in their product design and philanthropic initiatives,” said J.C. Stock Chief Executive Officer of Shots Box. “Quality is the primary commitment, first and foremost. The whiskey itself is prepared for years in specific conditions to create a unique taste, and the team behind it actively looks for ways to improve the environment through donations and meaningful action.”  Tennessee Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey is a legendary whiskey brand based in Sevierville, TN. The company creates its spirits in the Smoky Mountains and has been family and friend operated since 2015. The 60% proof alcohol is a favorite among dessert lovers, and its creamy peanut butter and rich chocolate taste with a pinch of baking salt has received praise from countless customers. This dessert whiskey is great for people who want to drink but don’t favor the taste of alcohol. It serves nicely as an after-meal drink with a sweet kick.  “Traditional whiskeys are very popular in the U.S. and beyond, but as with every drink, they aren’t for everyone. For those seeking a sweet dessert spirit that goes great after a main course, Tennessee Peanut Butter Cup Whiskey could be the perfect match,” said Stock.  Wildrye 5 Drops Bourbon is created using Montana’s finest sweetcorn fresh from the field, along with malted barley and pure Montana water distilled in new American oak. Based in Bozeman, MT, this spirit has a smooth flavor and possesses the aroma of Montana Bourbon Whiskey.  Aged with no temperature control and with limited contact with wood, this whiskey is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, helping to create that smooth taste that so many customers have come to love over the years. This process also reduces the brand’s carbon footprint - a nice additional perk to go with the great-tasting drink.  “With Wildrye, the non-temperature-controlled aging process truly does wonders for the final product. The smoothness of the drink is one of its defining characteristics, and it can be heavily attributed to the team’s dedication to the unique aging process,” said Stock.  Shots Box handpicks every beverage sold on the official website. With the brand taking great pride in giving customers a unique whiskey selection with their bi-monthly subscription service, alcohol enthusiasts looking for new flavors can find some of the best brands from around the world with ease. Whether they are seeking a peanut butter cup whiskey or an unconventional distilled whiskey from Montana, Shots Box is ready to deliver - right to the front door.  About Shots Box Shots Box is a bi-monthly subscription service that delivers an array of shot-sized craft distilled whiskeys curated by tastemakers to doorsteps across America. It is a new way to try spirits, discover favorites, and avoid paying top-shelf prices for full bottles of liquor that the consumer has not previously tasted. The service ships the subscriber 10 minis bi-monthly of the best whiskey samples.  CONTACT INFORMATION: Tiffany Kayar [email protected] Source: Shots Box

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