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FireOneUP Launches PINNACOLO L ARGILLA Thermal Clay Oven at KBIS W3671

FireOneUP Launches PINNACOLO L ARGILLA Thermal Clay Oven at KBIS W3671 is proudly launching the new PINNACOLO® L’Argilla Thermal Clay Gas-Powered Oven. The PINNACOLO® L’Argilla in many ways replicates the igloo shape of the ancient Pompeii ovens. The curvature of the dome wraps heat around food, cooking it from all sides. With 50,000 BTUs of cooking power, the CSA-approved L’Argilla heats the cordierite cooking surface to over 600˚F in well under 10 minutes while the outside remains safe to the touch. The 26.5” diameter interior (3.83 sq ft) provides the space to easily handle 2+ pizzas at a time. Since the oven is gas-powered, you have far greater temperature control, making it superb for roasting, baking, and searing. The L’Argilla comes complete with a custom-designed steel stand featuring oversized front wheels and locking rotational rear casters to make positioning the new PINNACOLO® oven easy. The L’Argilla includes a selection of PINNACOLO®-branded pizza-making accessories (a retail value of over $500). Just add gas. FireOneUp will also be launching a full line of pizza oven accessories. This will include over 20 real-life tested products to help make the cooking experience easier, safer, faster, and far more enjoyable. The company has been working with customers/real users to develop these accessories. The growing line will help home cooks, restaurateurs, caterers, and professional chefs achieve better results. The PINNACOLO® line also includes their original Premio Wood Fired Oven and their popular PINNACOLO® IBRIDO Hybrid Wood/Gas Oven with 35,000 BTUs and two side prep shelves. The line of PINNACOLO® ovens each comes with a selection of essential cooking accessories so they are immediately ready to begin making great food.  Fire One Up Sales Inc., (, a WeConnect Certified Women Owned Company, is the global distributor of the PINNACOLO® line. The company, which began in Canada in 2020, has seen tremendous response and rapid growth. For more details, contact [email protected] or through the website at or by calling 1-877-288-1110. Source: Fire One Up Sales Inc.

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