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American Ostrich Farms is Named Best Alternative Red Meat Producer

American Ostrich Farms is Named Best Alternative Red Meat Producer

American Ostrich Farms (AOF) has been named 2022’s Best Alternative Red Meat Producer by LUXLife Magazine in their 7th annual Food & Drink Awards. LUXLife’s awards program recognizes those who offer the best products, finest services, and incredible experiences to their customers. Nominees from across the globe are assessed and judged purely on merit and excellence.  “We are honored to be recognized as the USA’s Best Alternative Red Meat Producer,” says AOF Founder and CEO Alex McCoy. “This award validates our work to provide a more sustainable, healthful, yet truly gourmet product that is quickly finding its way into some of the nation’s most outstanding dining establishments, as well as home kitchens across the country.” With the opening of their own USDA-inspected processing plant, AOF closed the gap on its “hatch to harvest” production chain, which allows them to ensure that each and every cut of meat that goes to market is of the utmost quality. At a time when consumers are seeing more plant-based and cultivated protein products hit store shelves, AOF is taking advantage of the ostrich’s unique biology to offer a novel solution to the environmental and health concerns surrounding conventional animal-based products and these newer substitutes. Learn more and view all available products at About American Ostrich Farms Far from factory farms and the culture of waste, American Ostrich Farms has set out to revolutionize the way red meat is produced and consumed. We believe that every choice makes a difference and when common sense meets a common purpose, we can do what’s right for generations to come. Our flagship family farm is in Idaho’s Snake River Plain and is North America’s largest producer of ostrich, a uniquely sustainable red meat.  AOF congratulates all of the winners of this year’s LUXLife Food & Drink Awards. Source: American Ostrich Farms

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