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Changing Consumer Needs Change Packaging for Favorite Sauce Brand

Changing Consumer Needs Change Packaging for Favorite Sauce Brand

With 64% of America sitting down to dinner with one or two people, it made sense to create a product that fits the needs of almost three-quarters of America. Le Sauce & Co. is launching a two-serving size packaging so everyone can enjoy fresh ingredients, big flavors and great additions to proteins and veggies. Continuing to reach consumers who want a great meal, but don’t have time to make it from scratch, Le Sauce & Co. is now offering their two-serving size packaging for their gourmet finishing sauce. This makes it easier and faster for people at home to tear open their finishing sauce, heat and then pour it over their meal to immediately elevate the meal. No one has to worry about leftovers and how long they will keep. Everyone will always know that their Le Sauce is fresh and ready to go. One longtime lover of Le Sauce & Co., Brianna Rau, says, “For me, it’s all about the sauce! And this sauce is top-notch. Seriously, this sauce from Le Sauce & Co. will be in my dreams tonight.” Le Sauce delivers on its commitment to quality and deliciousness to earn consumers’ trust. To celebrate the new packaging, Le Sauce is giving the first 25 people to post on social media about a meal they made with Le Sauce and tag them @LeSauceCompany by October 31, two of their favorite flavors to enjoy in honor of the new two-serving size package. Le Sauce & Co. is a women-owned business started in Boerne, Texas. The Kirl Family is filled with foodies and their dream of having their own business in food came true three years ago. After winning a finalist spot in the HEB 2019 Quest for Texas Best, Le Sauce & Co. was launched and is currently in HEB stores throughout the state of Texas and Amazon. Source: Le Sauce & Co.

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