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Favorite Chef Finalist Amy Coram Reynolds Launches Saucy Hot Sauce

Favorite Chef Finalist Amy Coram Reynolds Launches Saucy Hot Sauce

Chef Amy Coram Reynolds, a Favorite Chef finalist, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, and current Nevada resident who opened Robert Irvine’s Public House, has officially launched Saucy, a line of sauce by her company A Chef’s Life LLC. “The launch went great! I currently have two flavors for sale online or in-person. I am doing R&D on flavors three and four with hopes of a winter or early 2022 release,” she recently told Favorite Chef.   Reynolds, also a personal chef, has a long history in the hospitality industry. “I still work as a private chef but am now a partner in a restaurant. We have been open for a few months and are looking for new locations,” she added.  The Favorite Chef Competition helped Reynolds on her path to success, “Because of my placement, I was asked to be a consultant on my “boss” restaurant and then a partner, which is huge. I had zero intentions of ever going back to restaurants, but it’s been a fun role, to say the least.” Favorite Chef is an online voting competition exclusively designed with cooks, chefs, and culinary creatives in mind. Favorite Chef, LLC donated over $1.1 M from the Competition to Feeding America®, making an estimated 11.5 million meals available to communities in need during the pandemic.  Learn more about Saucy and Reynolds at Source: Favorite Chef, LLC

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