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URBANherbal Restores Consumers to Their Senses

URBANherbal Restores Consumers to Their Senses

URBANherbal is re-envisioning the gifts from its garden, aiming to restore consumers to their senses. The retailer’s move responds to a void created by social distancing and the subsequent easing of restrictions for nature’s sights, smells, flavors, textures, and sounds. TASTE - URBANherbal owner, Bill Varney is passionate about harvesting edible plants and flowers to craft dishes that are as delicious as they are beautiful. “Dinner’s when I treat my family and friends to something they love,” he says. Although his restaurant days are behind him, Bill stocks edible flowers salt for making the best margaritas you’ve ever had, according to Hey, Traveler, homemade balsamic fig-and-coffee spiked vinegar to dip and drizzle, and herbs for grilling ready-to-devour cuts of meat. TOUCH - The Herb Society of America is a country wide resource for those seeking to get in touch with herbs. But when it called Bill to kick off a new year’s monthly webinar series, HSA knew they found their man to liberate their members’ senses. “I was looking for ways you can only get from using herbs and flowers to restore the mind and body,” Bill said, “like with adding color in the home, flavor in the kitchen, and fragrance in the bath.” Members connected with his nourishing creations, including URBANherbal’s Detoxify Body Oil with Grapefruit Geranium & Juniper. SIGHT - Bill’s landscape clients, such as residents at Boot Ranch Development, commit to vision, finding as much beauty in the nuances of gray-green natives as the panoply of butterflies obsessing over alliums and lantana. He also has found that everyone longs for a garden, whether watching it from a distance, weeding and watering a tomato patch, or maintaining a trough of succulents. SMELL - Visitors to URBANherbal’s garden and shop receive a tune-up to scent. “Smell this!” Bill says. “This is wonderful! I love it.” Conversations about memories are often prompted, like the familiar scent of grandma using lavender, or the aroma of basil that billowed from the kitchen when preparing pasta. “What am I smelling?” A visitor cannot leave without learning or being entertained by some new plant or product. SOUND - An herb garden and shop are typically awash in silence. Bill, however, has listened to Orko Roy, Director and Producer at animated video marketer adVIDS. As Orko stated, “The video format erases the clatter for the simplicity of handmade herbal products.” A sustained piano melody coupled with the sound of a bird tweet and water drop, support the video’s message of URBANherbal’s restorative gifts to new and returning consumers. ### URBANherbal is a family-owned gift shop, art gallery greenhouse and garden. We have been a staple in Fredericksburg, Texas since 1985, offering herbal products for cooking, personal care, and medicinal needs. Our products are all natural and organic (no pesticides) and produced locally here at our laboratory. Our intimate knowledge of gardening and the use of herbs, our unparalleled experience, and our commitment to our customers set us apart. William (Bill) VarneyPhone: (830) 456-9667Email: [email protected] Source: URBANherbal

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