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Soleil Mimosa Unveils Redesigned Label a New Branding Image and a Prestigious Recognition

Soleil Mimosa Unveils Redesigned Label a New Branding Image and a Prestigious Recognition

Lescombes Family Vineyards unveils a wholly redesigned label and new branding image for their line of pre-made, ready-to-drink, and convenient mimosa cocktails, Soleil Mimosa. This announcement follows Soleil Mimosa being named as one of Shanken’s Impact Hot Prospect Brands (M. Shanken Communications, Inc.), a prestigious award that highlights the emerging stars of the industry, those that are poised to drive significant growth.  The sixth-generation winemakers of the Lescombes family have been crafting specialty mimosas for over 27 years. Soleil Mimosa uses only fresh juices that are never from concentrate and no artificial ingredients. The finest ingredients combined with high-quality white wine help solidify Soleil Mimosa’s place as America’s favorite Mimosa. “After nearly 30 years of production, we are excited to release our new beautiful and vibrant Soleil Mimosa package. The package represents what is in the bottle–it is fresh and it is fun. This is one of a handful of wines made with fresh juice in combination with premium wine, and the proof is in the pulp,” comments Sandra Pacheco, National Sales Director for Soleil Mimosa. Soleil Mimosa’s pre-made, ready-to-drink mimosa cocktails come in four distinct flavors.  Soleil Mimosa Classic: Lush, fresh-squeezed orange juice mingles with crisp white wine, adorned with light effervescence, giving you a perfectly blended, no-fuss Mimosa with every pour. Soleil Mimosa Mango: Sip Soleil Mimosa Mango and be transported to the tropical paradise of your dreams. Our signature blend combines succulent mango juice with crisp white wine, a harmonious pairing that lends an explosive bouquet of ripe mangoes to this slightly creamy wine with undertones of coconut and stone fruit. Soleil Mimosa Pineapple: Soleil Mimosa Pineapple is a delicately effervescent wine that is the perfect blend of sweet, tropical pineapple juice and crisp, premium white wine. No matter your location, one sip of this unique wine fusion will whisk you away to an island paradise in a flood of rich, exotic flavors. Soleil Mimosa Pomegranate: Combined with premium, crisp, dry white wine and fresh-squeezed orange juice, Soleil Mimosa Pomegranate strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tart with hints of honey and cranberry. For more information or more information about Soleil Mimosa and distribution, visit -Ends- About Soleil Mimosa: “Soleil” is the French word for “sun” and reflects the French heritage of the Lescombes family, who produce Soleil Mimosa as sixth-generation winemakers. Soleil Mimosa has been America’s favorite Mimosa for nearly 30 years. Press Contact: Sandra Pacheco Lescombes Family Vineyards [email protected] Source: Lescombes Family Vineyards

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