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ZONIN200YEARS Loving Wine Since 1821

ZONIN200YEARS Loving Wine Since 1821

1821 - 2021: Zonin1821 celebrates  200 years of history and seven generations that have shared the culture of wine throughout the world. The path the company has embarked upon is marked by important milestones that have served to position it among the top five wine producers in Italy[1]. Since its inception, the goal of the Zonin family has been to produce excellent wines and actively contribute to creating a new contemporary wine culture, where Italian DNA blends with multiple international traditions. There are three guiding principles that have enabled the company to attain prestige and recognition on the international stage: tradition, meticulous attention to wine-growing areas, and a strong entrepreneurial dynamism, enhanced by a series of acquisitions made since the 1970s. “As a representative of the seventh generation, together with my brothers, Francesco and Michele, we strongly believe in the value of traditions and continued growth through thoughtful evolution in Italy and abroad. We are committed to the enhancement of our outstanding wines”, says Domenico Zonin - President of the company, adding: “This moment of celebration is indeed a source of pride, looking back at the road travelled, but above all, it spurs us on to look to the next 200 years with the same spirit of entrepreneurship, determination and passion that has always distinguished us. Let us raise a glass, therefore, to all the people in the world who work alongside us every day and who enable us to share positive moments and enjoyable get-togethers with an optimistic look to the future, accompanied by the quality and authenticity of our brands”. The long-term vision for Zonin1821 is optimistic and will be driven by Family continuity and competence combined with a steadfast passion for winemaking and a rejuvenated management team. Still based at the historic Gambellara headquarters, the three Zonin brothers, Domenico, the President, and Francesco and Michele, Vice Presidents, have decided to entrust the running of the company to a management team, headed since November 2020 by CEO Pietro Mattioni, a veteran of the alcoholic beverage industry, and flanked by a front-line of international professionals. “It is with a significant sense of pride and responsibility that I am leading Zonin1821 through one of the most globally complex and uncertain periods. We know we can count on an exemplary mix of winemaking excellence and strategic expertise. In a category that is both fragmented, but also full of opportunities, the challenge is to reinforce the international expansion and seize opportunities by enhancing the Zonin1821 portfolio. All this, with an eye to the next 200 years”, explains Pietro Mattioni, CEO of Zonin1821. With a total turnover of €190 million in 2020[2], amounting to a substantial doubling in the last 10 years, and the value of exports reaching 85%, the company is now an international player, active in over 140 countries and employing some 500 people in Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and Sweden. Over the years, production and distribution have not been limited to the still and sparkling wines sold under the Zonin brand but since the 1970s also reinforced via the acquisition of important estates located in the most representative terroirs in Italian winemaking history, enabling the company to establish itself in the production of the best Italian DOC and DOCG wines. Ca’ Bolani in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Castello del Poggio in Piedmont, Tenuta Il Bosco in Lombardy, Rocca di Montemassi and Castello di Albola in Tuscany, Masseria Altemura in Puglia and Principi di Butera in Sicily are the seven estates that extend across the Italian peninsular and, together with the wines produced in Barboursville, Virginia (United States), and in Chile under the Dos Almas brand, complete the picture of a company and a family in constant evolution. Link to the Zonin1821 Media Room: Founded in 1821, Zonin1821 is one of the most important family-owned wineries in Italy and the world. A historic family of winemakers, now in its seventh generation, it produces Prosecco and still wines under the Zonin brand, high-quality wines from its seven estates located in the Italian regions with the greatest vocation for wine production, as well as wines from the Barboursville Vineyards estate in Virginia (USA) and wines from Dos Almas in Chile. The company is based in Gambellara, Veneto, and employs over 500 people.

CONTACT:  Alessandra [email protected] Ph +39 0444 640288

[1] Annual ranking by turnover by Anna di Martino, Corriere Economia

[2] Value of production (Financial Statement 2020).

Source: Zonin1821

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