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Douro Wine Region World Heritage

Douro Wine Region World Heritage

Douro Red Wine Area - Globe Heritage

Alto Douro A glass of wine Region internationally recognized by UNESCO as world heritage.

Alto Douro a glass of wine area is a representative location that identifies the substantial Douro Demarcated Area, the oldest controlled wine-growing area in the world and where several of the most effective white wines on the planet are generated, Douro red wine as well as Port white wine.

With the current distinction and global acknowledgment of quality of the Alto Douro red wine Region, one of the area’s primary achievements considering that its classification by UNESCO 15 years back, Portugal is once again in the mouths of the world.

Nature, background, culture, gastronomy and also handmades. In this land of the brave, every little thing is discovered and nobody is uncaring to it.

The cultural landscape of the Alto Douro incorporates the huge nature of the Douro River valley, made up of steep slopes and also inadequate, rugged soils, with the ancestral as well as constant activity of males, adjusting the area to the Mediterranean-type agricultural demands that the region supports. This intimate relationship in between human activity and also nature enabled the development of a special value environment, where the terrain attributes are made the most of an exemplary means, with the modeling of terraced landscape, protecting it from erosion and also enabling the growing of the vineyard.

According to António Barreto,

” In Douro the males broke the stone, made the earth, erected walls, built hundreds of kilometers of balconies, saw up, valley in, jumped the rivers, looked for water, and marked places to live. They planted, implanted, pruned the creeping plants, selected the grapes, beaten, carried, and also finally made the white wine (… ). As well as the white wine made a region, made the whole lots, the farms and the huts. He made the vineyards and also the Carden; the kites and also the rabelos; the abundant and the poor. Nothing vital, in the Douro, is independent of wine.”

This is the phenomenal red wine area that creates the popular Port wine, representing the main vector of dynamization of technology, society, practices and also regional economy. The great human investment in this landscape of singular charm made possible the negotiation of the populaces from the remote Roman profession, and from it resulted a living and progressing truth, at the exact same time a testament of the past and the electric motor of the future, solidly secured in the optimization of natural resources and also in protecting the atmosphere.

And also for all this society, tradition, history as well as awesome appeal, on December 14, 2001 that the “Alto Douro Vinhateiro” (ADV) was consisted of in the listing of Globe Heritage of Humanity, in the classification of Evolutionary and also Living Social Landscape.

The classified location comprises 24,600 hectares, about one-tenth of the Douro Demarcated Region, with its buffer zone covering an area of â $ â $ 225,400 hectares and covering 13 districts.

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