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The Secret Ingredient

The Secret Ingredient

The Secret Ingredient

Commonly, both renowned chefs, and anyone who possesses the skills to cook, will not accurately part with the complete list of ingredients and/or the method to replicate a recipe for a popular food dish. The reasons for that are many. The acclaimed dish may be a centerpiece on the restaurant menu. The preparer believes that he or she may write a recipe book, and that particular dish might justify value in the book. Perhaps the recipe is a family recipe, handed down from an ancestor (Aunt Lucy).

“Who am I to give away Aunt Lucy’s gift to our family?”

But, there are chefs and meal preparers who seem to be willing to part with the ways and means to craft a coveted dish, but they don’t tell you that they purposely left out or misrepresented a detail. A novice culinary saboteur might muck around with the cooking temperature, but what purpose would there be in ruining the entire dish for an admirer of your cooking? No. Better it is for the vain to omit a single supporting ingredient (a secret ingredient).

“It looks like your dish, but it doesn’t taste the same,” said your admirer. You suggest that there was a lot of humidity that day. “Perhaps the extra juice of atmospheric moisture dampened your talent as you baked Aunt Lucy’s masterpiece.” You don’t dare suggest, “Go ask your Grandma to teach you how to cook!” After all, your admirer suffers by your fault.

Try this recipe: “Roasted Squash, Tamarind Chile Glaze and Crisped Quinoa.” Find the recipe online with that exact search. Suppose that you left out the annatto or the Thai Chile. Would the chef who originated the recipe approve? If you like to keep secrets, pray to God in secret. Web search Matthew 6: 5-8.

You just read a quote from Jesus Christ, written by his disciple, Matthew, who heard him say it. Prayer is your private conversation with God. Web search “The Lord’s Prayer,” which Jesus taught his disciples when they asked him how to pray to God. Think on how God perceives you when you pray to him in secret.

Suppose that your child comes to you crying for something that he or she wants. How do you react? Remember another time, when your child ran to you, hugged you, then looked up into your eyes and said, “I love you!” Consider beginning your secret prayer to God this way, “Father, thank you for your grace in my life.”

Resource Box: In the name of Jesus Christ, pray to Father God. Ask him for his grace. Web search what you want to know about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and other subjects in the Christian Bible at the online Bible Gateway, [] Through his grace, you will find hope.

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