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Ezzigroup Inc Announces the Successful Launch of Their Compostable and Degradable Surgical Grade Face Mask

Ezzigroup Inc Announces the Successful Launch of Their Compostable and Degradable Surgical Grade Face Mask

Ezzigroup Inc. (“Ezzigroup” or the “Company”), a Personal Protective Equipment (‘PPE’) manufacturer and distributor based in Toronto, is proud to announce the successful development of the Company’s first ever compostable surgical grade face mask manufactured in Canada. These compostable masks are ASTM F-2100 certified, Health Canada approved and should be available for distribution in Canada and the United States in December 2021 under their EzziMed™ brand. The Company is distributing the mask in partnership with Previcare, Inc., a company focused on delivering industry leading hand sanitizer, hard surface disinfectants, cleaners and PPE products to its customers worldwide.   Ezzigroup has also signed a distribution agreement to provide their EzziMed™, ASTM level 3 certified compostable face masks to the US market with Medtheos LLC, a U.S.-based, wholesale distributor of high-quality healthcare products registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Ray Rasouli, Chief Executive Officer of Ezzigroup Inc., noted “how does a society continue to protect itself without putting the environment at risk? The solution is not to discontinue the use of PPE, but to use alternative materials for making PPE. The Company’s compostable face masks are ASTM F-2100 certified for surgical / medical use and, with a 99% + filtration ability, they are truly a game changer for the PPE industry and our community while helping to keep millions of synthetic, disposable face masks out of our landfills every day. The substrate and nonwoven materials used by Ezzigroup are made with PLA (a resin made from corn-based pulp), or cotton and soft wood pulp, which makes them compostable. These compostable masks will not have the adverse effect on our environment when compared to existing synthetic masks made of microplastics and will compost in less than 90 days under the soil, improving the soil quality of any landfill.” About Ezzigroup Inc. Ezzigroup Inc., is a private, Ontario-based organization that specializes in development of new technology and products for manufacturing and distributing various types of PPE products for the global market including their biodegradable, EPA- list N disinfectant wipes; disposable level 1, 2 and 3 synthetic face masks; and now, its first to the market, EzziMed™ brand of compostable ASTM level 3 certified face masks. About Medtheos LLC. Medtheos LLC is a U.S.-based, wholesale medical supply company registered as a domestic medical device distributor with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Medtheos commitment is to promote personal health and safety by minimizing exposure to infections and other hazards that can cause illness or death by offering personal protective equipment (like syringes, gloves, and masks) and other healthcare products. Contact Ray Rasouli President and Chief Executive Officer Ezzigroup Inc. 647 860 [email protected] Source: Ezzigroup Inc.

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